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Celebrating Innovation - NextRoll's Hack Week 2023 H2 Winners

José Miguel Hernandez Written by José Miguel Hernandez, September 15, 2023

NextRoll’s Hack Week 2023 was a week filled with ingenuity, collaboration, and groundbreaking ideas. From AI-powered solutions to production optimization, our teams went above and beyond to showcase their talents. Without further ado, let’s dive into the winning projects!

AI/ML Award: The Future is Now!


Winners: Federico Della Rovere, Lorenzo Savini

SmartDoc is more than an AI-powered document management system. By leveraging machine learning, it categorizes, sorts, and manages documents with unprecedented accuracy, significantly reducing manual labor and improving data retrieval processes. This innovation is a step forward in automating administrative tasks, allowing teams to focus on more strategic activities.


Product Award: Figma Plugin for Ad Production Optimization

Winners: Jake Burroughs, Jose Hernandez, Joris Korbee, Aasif Shabbir, Eurico Nicacio

This Figma Plugin transforms ad production by enabling the generation of HTML5 ads in formats beyond the standard sizes. Its AI-supported animated ad templates not only enhance creativity but also speed up the production process, offering our clients more variety and quicker turnaround times. This is a significant leap in ad customization and efficiency.

HTML5 Ad Generator Figma Plugin

Technical Award: Puertagma

Winners: Oscar Arbelaez, Peter Kuimelis, Cristian Rojas, Christopher Ramirez, Alvaro Tuso

Puertagma is not just another API. It’s the culmination of our learnings from past projects, crafted into a robust and efficient tool. Written in Go, this API is set to become the backbone of our future integrations, promising enhanced performance and scalability. This project represents a significant stride in our technical capabilities, paving the way for more seamless and powerful integrations.

Congratulations to all the winners and participants! Your hard work, innovative thinking, and focus on impactful solutions are what continue to drive NextRoll forward as a leader in the ad tech industry.