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How We Transparently Track NPS

Peter Clark Written by Peter Clark, August 05, 2015

It has been a long time outstanding, “to do item”, to start collecting feedback and net promoter scores from the tens of thousands of customers that AdRoll has. Once at scale, it becomes surprisingly challenging to ensure that feedback from users is sent to Product, Engineering and SMB teams.

Last month we turned Satismeter on via our Segment dashboard. Satismeter injects a prompt at the bottom of our Dashboard asking how likely you are to refer AdRoll to a friend - in order to gather what’s more formally known as a Net Promoter Score or NPS. It looks like this:


Instantly we were deluged with feedback from our customers. The issue was that this feedback was now contained within Satismeter, but I wanted it in front of everyones faces. We did two cool things:


Short and sweet.

It was trivial to set up. We created a Zapier account, configured a web-hook zap, and placed that URL in the Satismeter Web-hooks panel:


We only wanted scores with comments to be sent to Slack, a trivial custom filter:


And this was the output for Zapier:


A few things to note that I think are cool. If you click the email address, it loads that user in Intercom. This allows you to always see if someone else has reached out to the user in a central place - much much better than just opening in your email client. We also made the avatar an image of Grandpa Simpson, because… The Simpsons.

To recap: